Madeira Youth Soccer is a purely VOLUNTEER administrated organization with a goal of providing quality services to the children in Madeira School District and those attending St. Gertrude. In any given season, we have around 450 players in the program.

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Instructional Advanced Points of Emphasis
The goal of the Instructional Advanced league is to create an atmosphere of learning the game of soccer.  We saw an opportunity to create a transitional league between Instructional and Passers.  Coaches will play an integral part of player development in this league as coaching on the field will be encouraged.
Basic Rules:
Games- (x4 quarters, 10 minutes each quarter, change sides every half) with 5 minutes for half time.  Breaks in between quarters should not exceed 2 minutes and are designed for substitutions only.
Designate 1 coach to keep track of time on the field whether it’s a stopwatch, wrist watch or cell phone (works best). 
Kickoffs-the ball does not have to be touched by another player at midfield per new rules as of last year.  The ball can go backwards immediately if wanted.  
Soccer Ball Size 3
Games consist of 6v6.  5 field players and 1 goalie
Have the kids play different positions throughout the season
Each child should play a minimum of 2 quarters. Have the sideline assistant coach keep track of this.
No Offsides will be called, but as the season progresses, start to let kids know they are offsides during the game and what that means.  
Coaches will call out of bounds, goal kicks, corner kicks, fouls that stop the pace of play.
No penalty kicks-place the ball at the top of the box and play an indirect free kick
No head balls allowed.
BUILDOUT LINE-  There will be a painted line halfway between the top of the goal box and the midline.  On all goal kicks, the opposing team must stand behind the buildout line.  Once the ball gets past the buildout line OR the kicking team receives a pass, the defense may advance pass the line.  The goal of this rule is to encourage players to build play out of the backfield and to prevent teams from stacking the box for a scoring opportunity.  If someone breaks this rule, stop play and try again.
Lightning/Thunder Policy:
At either the sound of thunder OR sight of lighting, games will be immediately stopped and fields need to be cleared of all participants (coaches, players, referees and spectators)
Games may be restarted 30 minutes after the last sound of thunder or sight of lightning. Fields equipped with lightning detectors - wait until the detector has sounded.
Casts and Earrings:
Any player with a cast and/or any type of jewelry (earrings, rings, rubber bracelets, etc.) is not permitted to play. No exceptions. Knee braces, etc. (no metal showing) are allowed.
Coaching on the field
Try to keep pace of play moving
But at the same time, your job is to “coach” on the field.
Help kids with who to pass to, who to throw the ball into, who to kick to on a corner or goal kick, where to put the ball on free kicks, how to stay in position etc.  
Let the kids play “free” as much as possible without intervening or stopping the game.  Encourage where possible, call fouls if necessary (be lenient as long as play isn’t stopped or a player hurt).
The goal is they have fun, learn the game and fundamentals.  
Each coach take a half of the field and work with each other’s players.
No score or standings will be kept.


Snacks-Whatever you do, DO NOT FORGET SNACKS.  Because we all know this is the most important part of the game!!  I would suggest organizing a snack schedule (or have a parents take on this responsibility).  I would also be aware of any food allergies.

For more rules of the game: