Madeira Youth Soccer is a purely VOLUNTEER administrated organization with a goal of providing quality services to the children in Madeira School District and those attending St. Gertrude. In any given season, we have around 450 players in the program.

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Commencing this coming Spring Season, all of our coachewill
be required to register on-line both at the district level and on the new league website.

The purpose of the Madeira coach registration is to guide you through the mandatory background check process and verify that you have completed the now mandatory concussion training during the past two years.

This process will also automatically generat
e an administrative account for each coach which will allow you to manage your entire coaching duties on-line. 

Specific features include:
  • Access all your team's information electronically
  • On-line communications with your team parents
  • Creation of a mini team site
  • On-line game schedules

Upon completion of the Madeira Coach Registration system, you will be provided all you need to access the CHSS Coach system. At the league level, the coach registration process will verify that all coaches have completed the risk assessment form as well as all league expectations and coaching agreements.

The coach registration process will go live mid March once coach selection had been made at the District Level.